Tuesday, 13 November 2018


Hello again Friends. Last post of today (promise).

a few things that i am considering for the blog, and would like your input (as your opinions mean a lot to me)

First and foremost: I used to have an online radio show, focusing on Film Scores (and occasionally Library music) Now, i am not looking at getting back into hosting a radio station, but i have thought about perhaps doing a downloadable podcast, same thing really, just not live!

I guess the question is, would that go down well, would you download? would you listen? would you request stuff etc. etc. etc. 

Secondly: I have been asked by a few people why i have not added a 'paypal' link for donations! Mainly this is because i do not wish to rely, not do i expect to have donations for my work. It is offered freely and the music is for you to enjoy/ However, as i am seeing more and more of the missing titles i would like to share with you on places like Discogs and eBay - I was wondering if again, something like Paypal link for donations, to purchase (and nothing more) 78's and albums that i can then present to you!

Thirdly: In the same category as paypal - I have considered using the paypal scheme for Donations, but not for me (per se) as i have been donated some 78's that i have been able to obviously provide to you, i was thinking that maybe we can do a 3 monthly charity donation pool. where donations made can be donated to 4 charities per year (from each donations every 3 months) if that makes sense!

Anyway your feedback is always welcome, and of course if you have any ideas that can make this blog better, please do let me know!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I would like to listen to your show. Is it happening?
    As far as PayPal, I don't think anyone would judge you if you had a link.
    You may or may not get donations with link, but you can not get any if you don't do it. You're very gracious and likable. Go for it!

    Your Pal,


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