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DISCLAIMER: This has nothing to do with Library Music.

Dear Friends.

Please allow me to apologise for my absence.

I have been hard at work directing and co-producing a TV series (pilot thereof) that i would like to know bring to your attention.

All the information you need can be found here about this project:


We have just started a crowdfunding campaign too:


May i implore you, that if you have time, and any spare change that you have, that you would consider donating, in return for one of our amazing perks, I would be truly grateful.

The music uploads will be continue also; just wanted to get this project somewhat off the ground first.

Thank you for your time

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


Hello again Friends. Last post of today (promise).

a few things that i am considering for the blog, and would like your input (as your opinions mean a lot to me)

First and foremost: I used to have an online radio show, focusing on Film Scores (and occasionally Library music) Now, i am not looking at getting back into hosting a radio station, but i have thought about perhaps doing a downloadable podcast, same thing really, just not live!

I guess the question is, would that go down well, would you download? would you listen? would you request stuff etc. etc. etc. 

Secondly: I have been asked by a few people why i have not added a 'paypal' link for donations! Mainly this is because i do not wish to rely, not do i expect to have donations for my work. It is offered freely and the music is for you to enjoy/ However, as i am seeing more and more of the missing titles i would like to share with you on places like Discogs and eBay - I was wondering if again, something like Paypal link for donations, to purchase (and nothing more) 78's and albums that i can then present to you!

Thirdly: In the same category as paypal - I have considered using the paypal scheme for Donations, but not for me (per se) as i have been donated some 78's that i have been able to obviously provide to you, i was thinking that maybe we can do a 3 monthly charity donation pool. where donations made can be donated to 4 charities per year (from each donations every 3 months) if that makes sense!

Anyway your feedback is always welcome, and of course if you have any ideas that can make this blog better, please do let me know!

Thanks for reading!


As before, here is a list of the 78's that i currently do now own (physically) i do have some of these that have been sent my way by good friends, but as always, looking for originals if possible!


If anyone has, or knows anyone that has any of the above that would like to donate, or sell (not so I have to remortgage please) then please do let me know. As always, thanks!


Hey Friends:

Just wanted to inform you that I have 'developed' (for the want of a better word) a solution that is non-harmful to vinyl and cleans them perfectly. 

You may (should) tell a major difference in sound quality with the Conroy's I have just posted, as these additions were cleaned with the solution first hand. 

As a result, I am very likely going to be using said solution on the other additions already here and hope they come out sounding better, and less 'crunchy'. 

If they do, I shall make an update on here with the new rips accordingly.

Thanks for reading!


Another mighty fine British label. Formed by the Berry Music Co. Ltd. label in 1958. Based in Denmark Street, London, just like its peers, it established very quickly utilising the worlds best composers, some of which were already established with other libraries, whilst others soon joined the ranks and started to compose for other libraries.

With music being performed by The Connaught Light Orchestra early in the formation of the company, Conroy knew that they were going to have some of the best musicians and session players at hand.

The catalogue expanded over the years with releases starting at BM 101 and ending at around BM 500, this is one of the largest libraries for 78's. Of course they went on to release 10'' albums and normal 12'' albums too, the library relished in its 'hit list'

Some of the notable composers:

Peter Yorke
Charles Smitton
Paul Fenhoulhet
Felton Rapley
Kurt Rehfeld
Bruce Campbell
Roger Barsotti
Ronald Hanmer
Wilfred Burns
Edward White
Henry Croudson
Jack Helyer
Billy Mayerl

And Now:


1. Sporting Spirit (Charles Smitton) 2:21
2. Mayfair Rendezvous (Peter Yorke) 2:38
Orchestra: The Connaught Light Orchestra
Year: 1958

1. Dramatic Bridges No. 11 (Paul Fenhoulhet) 0:17
2. Dramatic Bridges No. 12 (Paul Fenhoulhet) 0:19 
3. Dramatic Bridges No. 13 (Paul Fenhoulhet) 0:20
4. Dramatic Bridges No. 14 (Paul Fenhoulhet) 0:19
5. Dramatic Bridges No. 15 (Paul Fenhoulhet) 0:21
6. Dramatic Bridges No. 16 (Paul Fenhoulhet) 0:26
7. Dramatic Bridges No. 17 (Paul Fenhoulhet) 0:36
8. Dramatic Bridges No. 18 (Paul Fenhoulhet) 0:42
9. Dramatic Bridges No. 19 (Paul Fenhoulhet) 0:47
Orchestra: The Connaught Light Orchestra
Year: 1958

1. Tango Madeira (Kurt Rehfeld) 2:04
2. Southern Holiday (Felton Rapley) 2:52
Orchestra: The Connaught Light Orchestra
Year: 1958

1. Summer Landscape (Bruce Campbell) 2:24
2. Autumn Landscape (Bruce Campbell) 2:42
Orchestra: The Connaught Light Orchestra
Year: 1958

1. Dockside Night (Bruce Campbell) 2:52
2. Deserted Wharf (Bruce Campbell) 3:02
Orchestra: The Connaught Light Orchestra
Year: 1958

1. Grandstand March (Roger Barsotti) 2:30
2. Window on the World (Roger Barsotti) 3:12
Orchestra: The Connaught Light Orchestra
Year: 1958

1. Cathedral Ceremony (Wilfred Burns) 2:13
2. Cathedral Close (Wilfred Burns) 2:21
Orchestra: The Connaught Light Orchestra
Year: 1958

1. Investiture (Bruce Campbell) 2:46
2. Pretty Pickle (Bruce Campbell) 0:33
3. Tin Soldier Romance (Bruce Campbell) 0:38
4. March And Memory (Bruce Campbell) 0:24
5. Tiddly Trot (Bruce Campbell) 0:45
Orchestra: The Connaught Light Orchestra
Year: 1958

1. Tales of Drama No 1 (Ronald Hanmer) 0:08
2. Tales of Drama No 2 (Ronald Hanmer) 0:11
3. Tales of Drama No 3 (Ronald Hanmer) 0:13
4. Tales of Drama No 4 (Ronald Hanmer) 0:16
5. Tales of Drama No 5 (Ronald Hanmer) 0:17
6. Tales of Drama No 6 (Ronald Hanmer) 0:19
7. Tales of Drama No 7 (Ronald Hanmer) 0:23
8. Tales of Drama No 8 (Ronald Hanmer) 0:28
9. Tales of Drama No 9 (Ronald Hanmer) 0:31
10. A Gay Life (Paul Fenhoulhet) 2:46
Orchestra: The Connaught Light Orchestra
Year: 1958

1. Nick Nacks (Felton Rapley) 1:56
2. True Love 'Opening' (Edward White) 0:32
3. True Love 'Closing (Edward White) 0;15
4. On The Move (Edward White) 0:32
5. Cactus Canter (Edward White) 0:46
6. Short Fanfare (Edward White) 0:11
Orchestra: The Connaught Light Orchestra
Year: 1958

And of course, for those that need all of the above - Link Here!


Monday, 12 November 2018



IA 111 - IA 120

Tuesday, 6 November 2018


I am aware that the JW Themes did not do much in the way of 'the hunt' but figured i would out these here too, in case anyone comes across them and can send them my way; (Cos, if you don't ask, you don't get, right?) :)


IA - 142/144/145/146/147/149/157/158/159/165/173/192/193
IA - 212/231/245/246/247/248/249/250/251/252/259/260/261/262/263/265/266/272/273/275/277
IA - 281/283/284/285/287/291/292/305/307/310/311/327/328/329/330/331/332/333/338/339/340
IA - 344/345/349/351/352/360/361/363/354/369/370/372/373

I of course have the rest and will be sharing them with you in due course!

One can try!

Thanks for looking!